School of Business Study Abroad Trip to Europe, 2012

During the summer semester, 2012, Dr. Patrick Lach and Dr. Richard Flight led a group of School of Business students to Europe to gain a global perspective on business. 

Student feedback on School of Business faculty-led study abroad classes is overwhelmingly positive.  Here are just a few comments from the students who visited Europe this year.  One student said, "I learned so much; I feel I could not have gained this kind of knowledge in a classroom."  Another pointed to the trip as life-changing: "I could not have made a better decision in my life than to take this trip."

Below, Dr. Lach reflects on the trip:

"From May 7 to June 4, I had the pleasure of co-leading the Study Abroad Europe program with Dr. Richard Flight. The program included company visits with Caterpillar (Gosselies Belgium), 4711 and Lindt Chocolate (Cologne, Germany), The Fountain Brewery (Stein, The Netherlands), FloraHolland and Heineken (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). In addition, the students had the opportunity to learn more about the differences in American and European education with visits to the Maastricht Hotel School (Maastricht, The Netherlands) and the University of Cologne (Cologne, Germany).

The Study Abroad Europe program provided a unique learning opportunity for the students. Rather than reading about topics such as branding, Dutch auctions, and cultural differences, the students had the chance to experience these topics first-hand. They were able to learn about branding and how the strength of a brand can change over time by visiting 4711, the world’s oldest brand. The students learned about Dutch auctions by visiting the trading rooms FloraHolland Flower Auction in Amsterdam. Lastly, and most importantly, the students had the opportunities to learn about cultural differences and similarities not through class lectures, but by meeting and speaking with people from different cultures throughout Europe."