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2004 Publications and Presentations


Barding, E.* and T. Nelson. "Movements and habitat selection by raccoons in a fragmented agricultural landscape in Illinois." Annual Meeting of the Illinois Chapter of The Wildlife Society, Edwardsville, IL.

Cleere, E.*, and T. Nelson. "Survival and dispersal of beavers in riverine habitats." Illinois State Academy of Sciences Meeting, Charleston, IL.

Cleere, E.*, and T. Nelson. "Dispersal movements of beavers in Illinois." Poster presented at the Midwest Ecology and Evolution Conference, South Bend, IN.

Crawford, J.*, and T. Nelson. "Disease survey of raccoons in northern Illinois." Poster presented at the Illinois State Academy of Sciences Meeting, Charleston, IL.

Frankland, F.* and T. Nelson. "Impacts of deer on sensitive forest plant communities." Annual Meeting of the Illinois Chapter of The Wildlife Society, Edwardsville, IL.

Nelson, T., D. Gregory*, and J. Laursen. "Canine heartworm disease in coyotes." Annual Meeting of the Illinois Chapter of The Wildlife Society, Edwardsville, IL.


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* = student authors