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As a new student in the B.A. in General Studies, you will want to join the BGS listserv. A listserv allows an individual to send an e-mail message at one time, to multiple recipients.

Advisors use the listserv to post important announcements that may affect students, such as upcoming deadlines, program changes, and other information. Only the students who are members of the listserv will receive the announcements. Students can also post messages and questions to the listserv through an email address which will be provided for you when you join. When you send a message to a listserv, everyone on the list (including you) will receive a copy.

Since many people will see your message, carefully consider the effects your message might have. For some purposes, private communication may be better. Anyone who wishes to respond will be able to do so, either publicly through the listserv or privately to your email address (which is listed as the originator of the message).

How do I join the listserv?

  1. You must be a current BGS student.
  2. Go to https://lists.eiu.edu/mailman/listinfo/bgs_announce: (Communication for BGS Degree Students)
  3. Fill out your email address, name, and create a new password.
  4. You will receive an email confirmation shortly afterward.