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    The primary purpose of assessment is to improve student learning. At Eastern Illinois University, assessment occurs on two levels:

    • At the university-wide level, where it focuses on the abilities, attitudes and behaviors that the sum of students' experiences at EIU have imparted and/or reinforced.
    • At the department level, where such learning continues, complemented by content knowledge in a discipline.

    The Vice President for Academic Affairs established the University Committee for the Assessment of Student Learning (CASL) to develop and oversee university-wide policies and plans on the assessment of student learning. CASL developed a program to assess four learning goals of the general education program:

    Critical Thinking

    EIU graduates question, examine, evaluate, and respond to problems or arguments.

    Writing and Critical Reading

    EIU graduates write critically and evaluate varied sources.

    Speaking and Listening

    EIU graduates prepare, deliver, and critically evaluate presentations and other formal speaking activities.

    Quantitative Reasoning

    EIU graduates produce, analyze, interpret, and evaluate material.

    Responsible Citizenship

    EIU graduates make informed decisions based on knowledge of the physical and natural world and human history and culture.

    Click here for the full text of the Plan for the Assessment of Student Learning.

    Assessment of Undergraduate Learning Goals


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