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AlcoholEdu & Haven - Understanding Sexual Assault Modules Overview

The faculty and staff of Eastern Illinois University eagerly share your tremendous drive and enthusiasm for all aspects of your life, in and out of the classroom. Your personal and professional development is the cornerstone of our academic partnership that will last during your years here and beyond. It is an exciting journey on which we are about to embark on together!

As you well know, both alcohol and sexual assault are considered significant issues in college health and safety.  

As part of EIU's comprehensive and proactive approach to help ensure that students stay safe and healthy, the university is requiring each incoming student to complete "AlcoholEdu for College," an online alcohol education and prevention program, and "Haven - Understanding Sexual Assault". We have joined together with many of the other top schools in the country in adopting these programs as a component of our alcohol education initiative.

Both programs use science-based research and interactive strategies, including personalized feedback, to educate students about these two important topics.  

For Students Entering During Fall 2014

All new and incoming summer 2014 students who will continue being Eastern students in Fall 2014 and all new and incoming students for Fall 2014 will be required to complete Part I of AlcoholEdu and the complete Haven module between August 1, 2014 and August 25, 2014

The deadline for finishing Part I of AlcoholEdu for College and Haven - Understanding Sexual Assault is August 25, 2014, however you are strongly encouraged to complete these courses before the first day of class since there can be up to a 36 hour delay between the time you complete the program and the time that EIU representatives receive verification of AlcoholEdu Part I and Haven completion.

Again, the required deadline for finishing this Part I of AlcoholEdu for College and Haven-Understanding Sexual Assault is August 25, 2014 to avoid a hold on your student account. 

About 45 days after you complete the the Part I of AlcoholEdu for College (survey 1, information modules, survey 2 and exam 1), you will receive an email asking you to complete the second section of the AlcoholEdu for College course which includes chapter 4 and survey 3. The deadline to complete Part II of AlcoholEdu for College is November 1, 2014. This section will take about 25 minutes.

You must complete this section to finish AlcoholEdu for College; the deadline for finishing this section of the course is November 1, 2014.