Academy of Lifelong Learning - "Upcoming Travel Plans"



Hosts wanted: Travel engages us in many different ways and expands our view of the world. If you are interested in helping to plan the adventures listed below, please call us. We welcome input from our members who value the experiences of scenery, sights and cultures outside central Illinois. Planned upcoming trips include:

Summer 2014.............Germany - cancelled

Fall 2014...................Lincoln's Indiana & Kentucky


You’d rather just tag along? Information for these trips will be shared with Academy members and the public as it becomes available. We invite you to plan now to participate in one or more of our upcoming travel opportunities. Relieve yourself of the headaches of travel planning and the unknown risks of traveling to a new place, and leave the prep work to us.

It’s still too early to start packing, but you can get prepared now for upcoming travel opportunities by auditing a class this semester! Many of our audit classes for Fall 2013 will provide foundation knowledge for planned upcoming trips. 

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