Step 2: Tuition and Fees

Cost to Attend

Current Tuition and Fees for Off-Campus Courses
In-state tuition:  $283 per semester-hour
Online tuition:  $283 per semester-hour
Out-of-State tuition:  $849 per semester-hour
Textbook Rental fee:  $9.75 per semester-hour
Continuing Education fee:  $44 per semester-hour

Illinois Residency Status
"A student needs to present a driver's license or a voter registration card for Illinois dated four months prior to the first day of class of the semester for which the student is requesting in-state residency."

Out-of-State Student, In-State Tuition
Residents of states bordering Illinois (Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri and Wisconsin) pay in-state tuition rates for undergraduate courses.

Guaranteed Tuition Rate Plan
The guaranteed tuition rate plan provides for a constant tuition rate for four continuous years, beginning with the term of a qualifying student's initial enrollment at Eastern Illinois University. Read more about the Guaranteed Tuition Rate Plan.

A $25 late registration fee will be charged if you wait to register after the late registration day.  The $25 late registration fee applies only to semester-long courses.  It does not apply to weekend courses.  Consult the Academic Calendar for this deadline. 

BGS Application Fee:
$30.00 one-time fee for admission to the Bachelor of Arts in General Studies Degree program.

Graduation Fee:
$25.00 one-time fee, payable at the time of graduation application. 
Cap and gown rental are additional fees.

Sponsored Courses are off-campus classes requested and coordinated by sponsoring agencies, such as Regional Offices of Education, and are not eligible for tuition waivers. Additional fees may apply.

Apply for Financial Aid

Obtaining financial aid can be a lengthy process. You are encouraged to apply as soon as you can.

Office of Financial Aid
(East Wing, Student Services Bldg.)
600 Lincoln Avenue
Charleston, IL 61920


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