Student Awards for 2009

Top 5 Reasons a Nontraditional Student Should Attend EIU

  • 1st Place – Leah Reeves
  • 2nd Place – Mollie Thompson

Best Survival Tip

  • Jamie Curtis Murphy


Padfolio Winner/Drawing from All Submissions

  • William Watson

Best Survival Tip

Always make sure your printer has ink!  I came home at 10:00pm after my first night of a weekend class with Homework due the next morning at 8:00am.  Of course I had no ink in my printer!  I had to get up an hour early and print off my Homework at my mother-in-laws. 

Top 5 Reasons to Choose EIU if you’re a nontraditional student

By Leah Reeves

  • Supportive faculty, staff, and administration: As a nontraditional student at Eastern, you do not have to feel like you are going at this alone. Professors, administrator, and staff are completely supportive of the responsibilities that nontraditional students have outside of the classroom. You can’t help but become successful in a course when the instructor understands your child has come down with the bug and you just can’t make class!!
  • OASIS and E SPA: To add on to the support you get from administration, there are actually TWO, not one, but yes TWO Registered Student Organizations on campus that are established to help students get acclimated and become successful at Eastern. Now you really have no excuses.
  • Housing: As a nontraditional student you actually don’t have to stay in the dorms, or worry about paying living expenses living off campus. University apartments are equipped to house nontraditional students and have the cost included in your tuition!! So why bother paying rent, electric, cable, phone, and internet every month, when it can be included in your tuition. And not to mention, you are actually living on campus, so you are able to walk to class if you need to!
  • Variety of class: Guess what, you have the option of taking internet classes!! Maybe ideally you don’t want to sit in a classroom for 50, or 90 minutes. How easy can you sit you in the comfort of your own place and take classes!! Got to love it!
  • This should probably be the number one reason to attend EIU as a nontraditional student. You Are EIU Too!! Just because you aren’t the traditional student straight from high school, with no care in the world, doesn’t mean you have to be constantly reminded of it every day on campus. Eastern recognizes the diversity of its student population, and cares for you as much as they care for the traditional students. We Are EIU Too!!