Cost and Payment (Regular Sponsored Credit Classes)

To add, drop or withdraw from a regular sponsored credit course, e-mail, mail or fax a written request to the School of Continuing Education in writing, or fax 217-581-6697. For drop policies, please refer to the IGP #65.

The cost of each sponsored credit class is printed beside each class listing. The cost of tuition is set at the current new student rate. For current tuition rates go to Bursar’s Office. Scholarships and waivers specifically designated for tuition and fees cannot be used. Other financial aid may be available. For questions concerning financial aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 217-581-3713.

Sponsored credit courses will appear on your EIU bill as part of your class schedule however, the tuition and fees are not calculated in the total amount of your bill. Refer to the sponsored credit course listings on the web site for payment information, for Fall 2013.

Payment may be made only by personal check or money order. You will need to send a separate payment for each class and the course number should be included. Please refer to the Regular Sponsored Credit Registration & Payment Information web page on where to send payment and to whom the check should be made payable.

If you attend a sponsored credit course without paying for it prior to the course, you will not receive credit for that course.

Questions? Please call 217-581-5114 or 800-446-8918.