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Welcome to your online resource for faculty training and resources.  Our goal is to support you in your efforts to provide excellent instruction to the students of Eastern Illinois University.  One way we want to accomplish this is by providing you resources that are easy to access. The Dean has set up a corner of this website where she posts some of her favorite articles on teaching adults.  The Dean’s Corner link may be found at: . If, in your own personal quest for excellence, you find other similar resources that you would like us to review for inclusion, feel free to email your suggestions to .


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EIU Center for Academic Technology Support
(training resource for teachers using technology in the classroom or teaching online)

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Early Alert System To Increase Student Retention
Thanks to the Committee on Retention Efforts (CORE) and Information Technology Services, an Early Alert System (EAS) has been integrated with the class roster in Self-Service Banner. The roster now provides instructors with the ability to check a box to report students’ absences, incomplete assignments, and/or other issues that may affect their academic performance and thus their retention. Submitting an alert triggers an email to staff in the residence halls, the Student Success Center, or other support units who are trained to help students address issues that might prevent them from returning to EIU.
A list of “Frequently Asked Questions” about the EAS will be available on the CORE website at

EIU Academic Success Center (resources for students)
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Writing Center
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