Visit Europe & Historic Sites
of significant events in World War II!

This trip has been cancelled.

July 7-18, 2014


Please call 217-581-5114 or email,

Estimated $3325 per person
$750 non-refundable registration deposit

*Price does not include meals or incidental charges.

Trip includes:

  • Round trip airfare from Indianapolis
  • Lodging and Transportation while in Europe
  • Guides and Museum Admissions


Walk through historic sites and experience the history of World War II on the ground in Amsterdam, Normandy, Bastogne and on Hell's Highway. Expert guides and Eastern Illinois University's Dan Crews will describe each area and site in detail, and will discuss how the events affected the outcomes of WWII.

Planned visits include:

The Anne Frank Museum
• General George S. Patton's grave
• Bunkers used by German soldiers
• Fox holes from the Battle of the Bulge
• The American Cemetery at Omaha Beach

Accommodations will include several nights in a century-old French farmhouse and other unpretentious locations.

Experience WWII events in their actual historic locations. Hike and explore the countryside with a motivated group of history amateurs and professionals.


Travel Information

Immunizations are offered at the Coles County Health Department at 217-348-0530. Please ask for Tamara in the Immunization Department.


Travelers' Health


If a registrant cancels participation in the Academy of Lifelong Learning's WWII program trip, he/she must submit a written, signed notice of cancellation to the School of Continuing Education, Academy of Lifelong Learning.  Specific details will be provided as the trip planning is finalized. 


Field Study Itinerary Sites

  • Amsterdam
  • Normandy
  • Bastogne
  • Hell's Highway: Highway 69, Holland/Netherlands

Contact Information

For more information, please call 217-581-5114 or email,
Hosted by Dan Crews