2014 EIU Math Conference

Session 2

9:40-10:40 a.m.


7. Motivating ALL Students By Merging Mathematics and Literature

Arcola/Tuscola Room

Grade Levels K–5 

Reuben Stence,
Oblong Elementary School

This will be a group of seven students in grades 3–5 acting out popular children’s books and introducing grade appropriate math lessons to go along with the stories.

8. Effective Cooperative Learning

Charleston/Mattoon Room

 K–16 and Preservice Teachers 

Eric Bright, 
Charleston Middle School

Effective cooperative learning takes training for both the teacher and students. Most times we try to implement cooperative assessment rather than cooperative learning. In this talk, we will discuss how to prepare students for learning together and examine some effective strategies you can use in your classroom tomorrow.

9. Marvelous Modular Origami

 Martinsville Room

6–16 and Preservice Teachers 

Peter Wiles,
Eastern Illinois University

We will share a very versatile, yet fairly simple, origami module that can be used to construct many different polyhedra. In the process of making these figures, we will discuss how students will be able to reason angles and graph coloring.

10. Strategies for Using Smart Response “Clickers”


Effingham Room

Grade Levels 6–12 

Scott Esker,
Greenville Jr. High School

Are you interested in using clickers in the classroom? Learn effective and efficient strategies for using this technology in the classroom. A few benefits: student accountability, immediate feedback for students/teachers, and increased student attention.

11. Incorporating Patty Paper Geometry Activities Into the Geometry Classroom

Paris Room  Grade Levels 6–12   David Forbes,
Robinson High School
Patty Paper Geometry can be a great method to introduce students to geometric concepts. By discovering properties and theorems, students will achieve greater comprehension and understanding for the application of geometric concepts. Come learn how to incorporate these activities into your Geometry classroom.

12. Multiplication - Developing Understanding and Skill

Greenup Room 3–16 and Preservice Teachers  Trish Guinee,
Peoria District 150, Retired 
This hands-on session investigates sense-making methods to teach multiplication so students attain the Common Core Standards of understanding concepts and developing fluency. Various properties of operation and mathematical models will be incorporated in the session.