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The Art History minor provides the opportunity to study the diverse forms and historical meanings of art, architecture, and design.

Hours Required

24 semester hours

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Study Abroad Opportunities

France - EIU Paris Study Abroad Program, Italy - Florence University of the Arts

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Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Stephen Eskilson - Modern and contemporary periods, with a focus on the history of graphic design and the evolution of motion graphics over the last decade.

Dr. Janet T. Marquardt - Reception of Romanesque architecture; Medieval art after the Middle Ages; Memory and patrimony; Cultural Heritage; Contemporary women in art.

Dr. Robert Petersen - Various ways modern media adopt traditional means of expression and history of contemporary narrative art.

Dr. Mary Simpson - Research is focused on how various museum curators, art dealers, collectors, critics, and art organizations aided, challenged, and stymied efforts to develop support in Chicago for the artists of the New York School during the 1950s and how these efforts aided, challenged, and stymied the Exhibition Momentum Group, formed in 1948 by artist Leon Golub, as it struggled to secure regional and national recognition for Chicago artists. Additional research topics have included American printmaking since 1976, service-learning pedagogy, and, most recently, environmentally concerned art in America since 1990.

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