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If you don't have the time to volunteer, but would still like to make a difference, consider collecting items. While local organizations do need volunteers to help in their day-to-day running, they also need "stuff."

What is "stuff" you may ask? These are essential items that organizations need to continue running day-to-day. With constant cut-backs it sometimes becomes difficult for agencies to purchase much needed supplies. These essentials can range anywhere from red pens to baby diapers. Each agency has its own needs. Below, please find agency wish lists for local organizations in the Charleston and Mattoon area.

You can help an agency by printing off their wish list and beginning the collection process. Ask you friends, family, classmates, professors, and neighbors. Donating needed items to agencies is another form of volunteering and is just as important as giving your time.

If you would like to give your time and volunteer at the below agencies or anything else you may be interested in, please come see us and we can help match you to a great cause. Be the difference, volunteer!

Agency Wish Lists

If you have any questions about these wish lists or anything else, please contact our office at 217-581-6048 or volunteer@eiu.edu.