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1. What are the award criteria?

Any individual, family or group that meets the program’s criteria can receive Presidential recognition for volunteer hours served over a 12-month period or over the course of a lifetime. Criteria for recognition are:

  • Recipients must be United States citizens or lawfully admitted permanent residents of the United States.
  • Awards are issued for service hours served within a 12-month time period or over the course of a lifetime.
  • Awards are issued for volunteer service only. Additional levels of participation with the organization, i.e. charitable support, are not a factor considered for the award.
  • Court-ordered community service does not qualify for the award.
  • Awards are issued by approved Certifying Organizations. The Civic Engagement and Volunteerism Office is an approved Certifying Organization.
  • Service must be with an organization that is legally established in the United States, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or one of the territories.
  • The Civic Engagement and Volunteerism Office can verify volunteer hours for the previous year beginning in April until April of the current year. We will recognize students each April.

2. Who is eligible for the award?

Any student, staff, or faculty member who volunteers and keeps a record of their activities through the President’s Volunteer Service Awards website.

3. How many hours do I need to qualify for each award category?

Bronze Level

  • Young Adults (16-25 years old): 100 to 174 hours
  • Adults (26 and older): 100 to 249 hours

Silver Level

  • Young Adults: 175 to 249 hours
  • Adults: 250 to 499 hours

Gold Level

  • Young Adults: 250 hours or more
  • Adults: 500 hours or more

4. May I apply service hours that I completed as part of an AmeriCorps program or received a stipend?

  • Volunteer hours must be non-paid hours.* (If volunteer is being paid a stipend hours served are not eligible.)

*AmeriCorps participants are allowed to apply the hours served during their stipend year towards the lifetime achievement award following your active year.

5. How does Civic Engagement and Volunteerism verify my hours?

  • You must create an account on the www.presidentialserviceawards.gov and log your hours. EIU code, VXT-51035, in the “your record of service key” tracking box. Do not add this code under the tab “Groups.”
  • Begin adding hours for the past 12 months by clicking “Create New Record” under the “My Service” tab. You will have 12 months from the date of your first entry to complete your hours (If your first hour log starts April 2017 you have until April 1, 2018, to submit hours for your particular recognition, i.e. Gold, Silver, or Bronze Award.
  • All hours entered must be able to be verified upon request through the agency at which you volunteered.

6. Can I receive an award every year?

  • Yes, an individual may receive an award every year but must follow all the requirements as described above including submission of documentation.
  • You may also consider receiving the Lifetime award which requires 4,000 hours to be contributed towards the award.

7. By when must the hours be submitted?

Hours must be submitted by April 1 of each year. The 12-month time period the Civic Engagement and Volunteerism Office certifies hours for is April 1 to March 31 each year.

8. How far back can I track my hours?

You may track your hours as far back as January 2004. However, hours accrued before April 1, 2013, will only count towards the lifetime award.