PLAY Volunteer Application

PLAY Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in returning to participate in our PLAY afterschool programs. Please complete the following form to apply to return as a PLAY Volunteer.

PLAY Volunteers are an integral part of the PLAY program. Volunteers commit to attending EVERY week of the PLAY program beginning the first week in February 2015. Volunteers work side by side to teach, engage and inspire local youth.

All PLAY Volunteers will be notified via email of your site and acceptance by Monday January 12, 2015. Your mandatory training will be on Sunday January 25th at 6pm in the MLK Jr. Union.

Feel free to submit your application for various sites however you will be selected for only ONE site for the Spring semester. Also, all transportation will be provided.

We look forward to a great semester! For more information, please feel free to email the Student Community Service Director at or call 581-3967.