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Core Values

Promoting these core values is integral to our success in helping students take advantage of all Eastern and our broader community has to offer.

  • A Diverse and Just Society
    • Student Community Service embraces diversity in all its forms including the multiple identities of ethnicity, race, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion and socio-economic status as well as every aspect of life that defines our humanity. Our commitment to a diverse and just society involves valuing, respecting and including all people and developing an environment where this is possible.
  • Quality Service and Support
    • Student Community Service demonstrates a consistent commitment to quality by exceeding community expectations in our programs, facilities, staff and services. Customer service is the cornerstone of this experience.
  • Learning and Responsibility
    • As educators, the Student Community Service staff is committed to providing learning opportunities and experiences that encourage student responsibility, accountability, personal growth and development.
  • Community Connections and Engagement
    • The Student Community Service staff is committed to finding and creating opportunities for every student to interact with their community according to their interests, activities and curiosities--be they intellectual, athletic or just plain fun.