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The syllabi listed for the courses in the School of Technology are provided as general information and should not be taken as "the" syllabus for the course. Instructors have a syllabus specific for their course and could make changes during the course of the term. Please consult with the course instructor for the most current version of the syllabus for a given course and term.

For additional information about the Applied Engineering and Technology Program,
contact: Applied Engineering and Technology Coordinator.

Note: All files are in pdf format. Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded here.

AET 1263 Materials Technology 
AET 1323  Computers for Applied Engineering and Technology
AET 1363  Graphic Communication Technologies 
AET 1413  Technological Systems 
AET 2043  Computer-Aided Engineering Drawing 
AET 2253 Construction Equipment and Materials 
AET 2324  Electronic Control Systems 
AET 2523  Routing and Switching Fundamentals 
AET 3063  3-D Modeling
AET 3103  Robots and Control Systems 
AET 3113  Manufacturing Machine Processes 
AET 3223  Architectural Drafting and Blueprint Reading
AET 3253  Energy Technology
AET 3343  Digital Media Technologies
AET 3414 Selection and Management of Applied Engineering Projects
AET 3703 Machine Design
AET 4002 Materials Testing
AET 4223 Construction Cost Estimating
AET 4243 Construction Project Management
AET 4753 Lean Manufacturing
AET 4823 Facility Security
AET 4843 Statistical Quality Assurance
AET 4853 Polymers and Composites
AET 4943 Manufacturing Management
AET 4953 Color Management Applications