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Manufacturing concentration may include study in the areas of metallurgy, fabrication technology, machining technology, computer aided drafting (CAD), computer numerical control (CNC) and plant layout. Persons graduating with a B.S. in Applied Engineering Technology with a concentration in production typically pursue careers as Quality Control Engineers, Production Controllers, Production Supervisors, Project Engineers, Production Engineers, Project Managers, and Industrial and Manufacturing Engineers.

A minimum of 15 semester hours of coursework is required and may be selected from the following list. The concentration must include a minimum of six hours of coursework related to industrial processes.

  • AET 3012 - Metrology and Inspection Procedures
  • AET 3063 - 3-D Modeling
  • AET 3103 - Robots and Control Systems
  • AET 3113 - * Manufacturing Machine Processes - Required
  • AET 3143 - * Manufacturing Fabrication Processes
  • AET 3203 - * Computer Numerical Control Programming
  • AET 4023 - Manufacturing Automation
  • AET 4274 - Automation and Control Systems
  • AET 4602 - * Physical Metallurgy
  • AET 4673 - Work Measurement and Method Design
  • AET 4803 - Plant Layout and Material Handling
  • AET 4853 - * Polymers and Composites

* denotes an industrial processes course