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This concentration is designed to provide students graduating with a B.S. in Applied Engineering and Technology with the knowledge and skills necessary to function in the printing and publishing industries, and in imaging and web technology careers. Coursework does include photography, digital printing, multimedia and web technology as listed below.

A minimum of 15 semester hours of coursework is required and may be selected from the following list:

  • AET 1363 - Graphic Communication Technologies - Required
  • AET 2123 - Digital Photography and Imaging
  • AET 3343 - Digital Media Technologies
  • AET 4333 - Trends in Digital Media Technology
  • AET 4353 - Print and Digital Media Production
  • AET 4123 - Advanced Digital Photography
  • AET 4813 - Advanced Digital Media Technologies
  • AET 4863 - Packaging Technologies
  • AET 4865 - Digital Media Publishing Technologies
  • AET 4953 - Color Management Technologies

Advertising Minor

This minor provides students with a program of study designed to enhance their understanding regarding the promotion of products and services to various markets.Critical examination of campaigns and strategies, and their application of knowledge, are key components.

Print and Textile Design Technologies Minor

This interdisciplinary minor will prepare students for career opportunities requiring design and technical skills to compete in multi-faceted printing markets and textile industries.Print and textile design minors have access to print and design resources and computer laboratories supporting their career aspirations.