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Dr. Thomas R Hawkins

Dr. Thomas R Hawkins

Associate Professor

Office: 1016 - Klehm Hall
Phone: 217-581-7426
Email: trhawkins@eiu.edu

Frequently Taught Courses

TEC 5283  Instructional Systems Design
TEC 5103  Science & Technology of Leadership
TEC 5133  Total Quality Systems
TEC 5173  Global Technology
OPD 1000  Portfolio Development
OPD 4700  Leadership in Organizations
OPD 4800  Strategies and Processes of Teaching and Training Adults
OPD 4810  Principles of Career Development
OPD 4815  Conflict in Organizations
OPD 4820  Change in Organizations
OPD 4830  Organizational Perspectives:  Past, Present, Future
OPD 4860  Facilitating Project and Learning Groups
OPD 4870  Coaching and Mentoring for Supervisors


Leadership in Non-Governmental Organizations
Coaching and Mentoring
Change in Organizations
Spirituality and Leadership

Selected Publications

2014               Apprenticed to Jesus: Discipleship Practices for Growth.  Nashville:  Discipleship Resources

2006                Faithful guides:  Coaching strategies for church leaders.  Nashville:
                        Discipleship Resources
                        Emerging Brain Science:  Implications for Teachers.  The Clergy Journal
                        82(5), 3-6
“Teaching Techniques for the Non-Traditional Student” Eastern Illinois University, School of Continuing Education, faculty resources.
2005                Loving God with all your mind.  Nashville:  Discipleship Resources
                        Coaching, Pastoral Counseling, and Ministry.  Quarterly Review, 25(3),                              292-303
2004                From the 3Rs to the 3Ws: Continuing Education in a Digital Age,
                        Quarterly Review, 24(7), 168-180.
2003                A Faithful Future, vol. 2.  Nashville:  Discipleship Resources
2002                Lay Speakers Lead Small Groups.  Nashville:  Discipleship Resources.
2001                Cultivating Christian Community.  Nashville: Discipleship Resources.
                        The Christian Small Group Leader.  Nashville: Discipleship Resources.
2000                How to Train Church Leaders and Use Job Descriptions, 2001-2005.  Nashville: Discipleship Resources.
1999                Lay Speakers are Servant Leaders.  Nashville: Discipleship Resources.
1998                Faithful Leadership: Learning to Lead with Power.  Nashville: Discipleship Resources.
1997                The Learning Congregation: A New Vision for Church Leadership.  Louisville:  Westminster/John Knox Press.
                        How to Train Church Leaders and Use Job Descriptions, 1997-2001.  Nashville: Discipleship Resources.
1996                “God’s Initiative.”  Disciplines, 1996.  Nashville: Upper Room.
1995                “How to Minister in a White Water Society.”  Circuit Rider 19(5). p. 7-8.
1994                “Changing Our Hearts from the Inside Out.” Disciplines, 1994.  Nashville: Upper Room.
1992                The Pastor’s Role in Program and Administration.  Nashville: United Methodist Publishing House.
                        How to Train Lay Leaders and Use Job Descriptions.  Nashville: Discipleship Resources.
1992                Claiming God’s Promises:  A Guide to Discerning Your Spiritual Gifts.  Nashville: Abingdon.
                        A Life That Becomes the Gospel.  Nashville: Upper Room.
1990                Building God’s People.  Nashville: Discipleship Resources.
                        “Discerning Discipleship’s Call.” Disciplines, 1990.  Nashville: Upper Room.
1987                Sharing the Search: A Theology of Christian Hospitality.  Nashville: Upper Room.
1986                The Potter and the Clay.  Nashville: Upper Room.
1985                The Unsuspected Power of the Psalms.  Nashville: Upper Room.

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