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The Digital Printing Laboratory provides students opportunities in digital production technologies relating to creating, transferring, and reproducing conventional graphic images, digital images and Web pages. Through the use of these technologies students learn visualization, design, image assembly, and conversion of digital images for reproduction using the latest hardware and software packages used in communications and prepress environments. Students also gain experience in black and white photography through exposure control and film and print processing. Production estimating and management are also incorporated into the planning and design of student projects that are produced in the laboratory.

Lab Directions

Courses supported by the facility & Instructor

AET 1363 Graphic Communication Technologies
AET 2123 Foundation of Photography
AET 3343 Digital Media Technologies
AET 4123 Advanced Digital Capture for Web and Print Publishing
AET 4353 Print and Digital Media Production
AET 4813 Advanced Digital Media
AET 4863 Package Design
AET 4953 Color Management Applications

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Gabriel Grant, Laboratory Coordinator