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The Automation and Control Laboratory provides students the opportunity to gain experiences with basic DC and AC theories, solid-state circuits and concepts, microcomputer interfacing and control, and micro-controllers, data acquisition, and digital data communication. To see and learn more about this laboratory, feel free to visit the photo album.

Lab Direction

Courses Supported By The Facility

AET 2184 Electrical Circuits & Semiconductor Concepts
AET 2324 Electrical Control Systems
AET 2523 Routing and Switching Fundamentals
AET 3073 Programmable Logic
AET 3103 Robots and Control Systems
AET 3153 Advanced Routing and Switching
AET 4183 Microcomputer Interfacing and Data Acquisition
AET 4274 Automation & Control Systems
AET 4833 Automation Identification and Data Capture

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Jim McKirahan, Laboratory Coordinator