School of Technology Current Course Syllabi  - OPD

This page is currently under construction.
The syllabi listed for the courses in the School of Technology are provided as general information and should not be taken as "the" syllabus for the course. Instructors have a syllabus specific for their course and could make changes during the course of the term. Please consult with the course instructor for the most current
version of the syllabus for a given course and term

For additional information you may contact the Occupational and Professional Development Program Coordinator.

Note: All files are in pdf format. Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded here.

OPD 3000 Learning Analysis Through Portfolio Development

OPD 3200 Occupational Experience

OPD 3300 Occupational Subjects

OPD 4300 Special Study in Organizational & Professional Development

OPD 4700 Leadership in Organizations

OPD 4800 Strategies and Processes of Teaching and Training

OPD 4810 Principles of Career Development

OPD 4815 Conflict in Organizations

OPD 4820 Change Strategies in Organizations

OPD 4825 Ethical Behavior in Organizations

OPD 4830 Organizational Perspectives: Past, Present, and Future

OPD 4835 Supervision in Organizations

OPD 4840 Training Program Development

OPD 4855 Web-Based Training and Instruction

OPD 4860 Facilitating Learning and Project Groups

OPD 4870 Coaching and Mentoring for Critical Thinking in the Workplace

OPD 4890 Accelerated Learning and Training