most used by School of Technology

The purpose of this page is to assist faculty with gathering information about new textbooks
and ordering desk copies of textbooks; with websites readily available.

From the websites you are able to request a desk copy.
If needed, a desk copy request form may be located under the Heading "Faculty Forms" :  http://www.eiu.edu/tech/faculty_forms/DeskCopyRequest.pdf

For a new textbook request form for Textbook Rental the form is located here under the heading "Faculty Forms" : http://www.eiu.edu/tech/faculty_forms/Request for Textbook Purchase2010rev.pdf 

  • Aldex Corporation

  • http://aidex.com/

  • Baker and Taylor

  • http://www.btol.com/

  • Cengage Learning

  • http://www.cengage.com/us/index.html

  • Goodheart-Wilcox

  • http://www.g-w.com/

  • John Wiley and Sons Inc

  • http://www.wiley.com/WileyCDA/

  • McGraw-Hill

  • http://www.mcgraw-hill.com/

  • Pearson Education

  • http://www.pearsoned.com/

  • Schroff Development Corporation

  • http://www.silverscreen.com/

  • Stipes Publishing LLC 

  • http://www.stipes.com/