School of Technology Honors Program

LOOKING for a way to:

-- Get Involved in RESEARCH
-- Earn CREDIT for your RESEARCH

JOIN our Departmental HONORS PROGRAM:

-- Created to suit your academic needs
-- Allow you to pursue independent research

What's the ADVANTAGE?

-- EXPERIENCE in conducting independent research
-- DIRECT APPLICATION of course work looks good to potential graduate schools and employers
-- GAIN expertise in your area of research
-- IT'S FUN!!


-- GPA 3.50 or higher
-- Complete at least 12 semester hours with some combination of the following courses:

- AET4555 - Honors Research AET4644
- Honors Thesis AET4444
- Honors Independent Study
Approved Graduate Course

For additional information:

Applied Engineering and Technology HONORS Coordinator:

Dr. Rigoberto Chinchilla        
Phone: 217-581-8534