OPD Concentrations

Students within the Career and Organizational Studies program have the flexibility to shape their course of study to meet individual career objectives. After successfully completing the three core courses, students may choose from three concentration areas: Supervision and Leadership, Training and Development, or a Generalist option. For course descriptions, click here.

OPD Core Classes

All OPD students must take three core classes.

OPD 4830 Organizational Perspectives: Past, Present, and Future
OPD 4835 Supervision in Organizations
OPD 4840 Training Program Development

Training and Development

The Training and Development concentration is designed to prepare professionals to enhance employee learning and performance. Training and development professionals play a pivotal role as a change agent in organizational development efforts helping an organization get where it wants to go. Student enrolled in this concentration learn how to identify performance gaps, develop interventions to improve performance capabilities of employees, strategies to design training for traditional or technology delivery, and gain an understanding of to how people learn. Nine semester hours must be taken from the list of applicable courses below.

OPD 4800 Strategies and Processes of Teaching and Training
OPD 4845 Improvement in Organizations
OPD 4855 Web-based Training and Instruction
OPD 4860 Facilitating Learning and Project Groups
OPD 4890 Accelerated Learning and Training
MIS 3515 Information Presentation
MGT 3450 Human Resource Management

Supervision and Leadership

The Supervision and Leadership concentration is designed to prepare professionals to increase their leadership capabilities in order to effectively lead and develop others. The primary objective of this concentration is to develop skills and techniques required of successful leaders in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Student enrolled in this concentration will learn team design and facilitation, ethical decision-making processes, conflict resolution techniques, and effective approaches to change management. Nine semester hours must be taken from the list of applicable courses below.

OPD 4815 Conflict in Organizations
OPD 4820 Change Strategies in Organizations
OPD 4825 Ethical Behavior
OPD 4870 Coaching and Mentoring in the Workplace 
OPD 4880 Productive Work Teams
INT 4943 Manufacturing Management
BUS 3500 Management Information Systems
MIS 3530 Business Website Design


The Generalist option allows you to create your own concentration by selecting OPD courses that best suit your personal and professional needs. For a course listing and descriptions, click here.