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Study Plan and Programs of Study Procedure

The Graduate School requires every graduate student to have a study plan when beginning graduate study.  The study plan offers a way for students to design their own future.  Basically, it lists the courses you would like to take during your graduate study.

When you are admitted to the graduate programs in Technology, you will be assigned a faculty member as the chair for your Program of Study committee.  The chair will guide you to design your study plan that ensures the best success for your graduate study.  If you were not notified of your faculty chair by any chance, please email the School of Technology at techgrad@eiu.edu.

Upon approval of your study plan, the Graduate School will use your study plan to certify your graduation.  In other words, you will not be able to graduate if there is any discrepancy between your approved study plan and your academic record. 

Here is how you are to proceed:

1.  Contact your faculty chair immediately to set up a time for you to meet.  When you meet with the faculty chair, you and your chair will set up a Program of Study committee with two other faculty members.

2.  You and your chair will work together to design your Study Plan which is recorded on the MS in Technology Study Plan Form.  Basically, you need to make a list of the courses you would like to complete during your graduate study.  You should have a packet on the program designs, including the four emphasis areas.  The same information is also available at our web site.

3.  If you choose non-thesis option, please include TEC 5990 CCK (1 hour) in your study plan.  If you cannot decide either thesis or non-thesis option at this time, proceed with a non-thesis option.  You may change to thesis option later.  

4.  Fill in the MS in Technology Committee Consent Form approval form for your study plan.  The forms are available at the links at the bottom of this page. 

5.  Obtain seek approval for your study plan from your chair and committee members.

6.  After you secure the signatures from your chair and committee members, bring the form to School of Technology office in Klehm Hall.  If there are any problems with the study plan, you will be contacted.  

7.  Follow the study plan for your course selection during your graduate study.

8.  Chair and committee approval is required for any changes to your study plan. 


Forms for Students Beginning Fall 2011 or Later


Forms for Students Starting Before Fall 2011