Required Courses

The graduate programs in Technology prepare students for successful leadership in today’s technological and global environment. Required courses for all Masters of Science students include the following: 

  •  TEC 5103  Science and Technology of Leadership - This course focuses on forces transforming leadership science, processes, and skills in today’s technological society; leadership theories; implication of fundamental changes taking place in the workplace; and leadership, characteristics, competencies, and challenges.

  •  TEC 5133  Total Quality Systems - Study of principles, practices, tools, techniques and systems for total quality management in industrial or service organizations.

  • TEC 5143  Research in Technology - A study of the research methods, processes and tools used for conducting applied and pure research in technology. Emphasis will be on the design, analysis, and reporting of experimental and non-experimental research.

  • TEC 5173  Global Technology - This course provides a dialogue on contemporary global problems influencing and influenced by technological advancements including a study of global technology as affected by socio-cultural structures, economic conditions, governmental decision-making, corporate-managerial strategies and other factors. The emergence of technology from its beginnings to its present status will be a common thread for course activity. Emphasis will be placed on analysis of key issues facing the world and technical developments during the next twenty five years.