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Master of Science in Technology

Area of Study:  Technology Management

The graduate program in Technology prepares students to become successful leaders in today’s technological and global environment. This area of study in Technology Management is suitable for students who desire to be part of effective management teams in industrial related organizations. The program offers the ideal blend of technical knowledge and management principles needed for effective leadership.


Required Core (12 Hours For All MS Students)

TEC 5001 — Seminar in Technology (for all new students starting Fall 2014)

TEC 5103 — Science and Technology of Leadership

TEC 5133 — Total Quality Systems

TEC 5143 — Research in Technology

TEC 5173 — Global Technology

 Electives (20 Hours)

OPD 4880 — Productive Work Teams

AET 4753 — Lean Manufacturing

AET 4803 — Plant Layout and Material Handling

AET 4843 — Statistical Quality Assurance

AET 4853 — Polymers and Composites

AET 4943* — Manufacturing Management

CHM 5007 — Energy Chemistry

CMM/ENG 5260 — Science and Technical Communication

PHY 5233 — Energy and the Environment

TEC 5123 — Industrial Productivity Analysis

TEC 5213 — Work Performance Technology

TEC 5233 — Training Systems Management 

TEC 5243 — Design for Quality

TEC 5333 — Management of Computer Technology 

TEC 5513 — Advanced Computer Integrated Manufacturing

TEC 5523 — Systems Simulation

TEC 5533 — Biomass Gasification

TEC 5603 — Advanced Manufacturing Management

TEC 5723 — Issues and Trends in Technology

TEC 5970 — Design for Manufacturability and Assembly

TEC 5970 — Diffusion of Innovation

TEC 5970 — Enterprise Resource Planning

MBA 5000— Strategic Management (with proper approvals)

MBA 5001— Business Operations in Sustainable Energy Facilities (with proper approvals)

MBA 5010— Essentials of Accounting(with proper approvals)

If a student has not previously taken AET 4943 or does not have equivalent coursework, AET 4943 must be taken the first semester of the program and will be prerequisite for TEC 5603.

Graduate assistantships are available for qualified degree candidates. The graduate assistantships give students opportunities to supervise technology laboratories and assist faculty with research process. It also provides tuition waivers and monthly stipends.