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Procedure for Industrial Internship

The approval of industrial internship shall be completed before 10th day of the semester.


An industrial internship is an experiential learning activity designed to help students apply academically learned concepts, theories, principles, and skills while working in an industrial or business environment. Students will have the opportunity to increase their marketability as well as their technical knowledge and managerial/interpersonal skills in their area of concentration by participating in the day-to-day operation of a specific industry or business. Students must link the internship directly to their program of study.

The work description and specific activities of the internship will be made jointly by the internship coordinator at the School of Technology, the supervisor at the cooperating business or industry, and the student. The internship program is a directed quality experience designed uniquely for each business/industry partner as well as student intern.

A mandatory final evaluation from business or industry supervisor, and a daily journal of activities are requirements of the internship and must be completed before credit can be earned. The internship can carry up to six semester hours (normally no more than three hours in practice) of credit for graduate students, depending on academic loads and the approved degree program. A minimum of 40 clock hours are required for one semester hour of credit.


  1. Student: Talk to the interested business/industry supervisor and agree on an outline of tasks (procedure) on the industrial internship project. Specifically, you need to state what will be achieved and learned as a result of the industrial internship.
  2. Student: Discuss with the business/industry supervisor on ways to document and evaluate the above procedure.
  3. Student: Discuss the internship activity plan with a School of Technology internship coordinator and ask for a package of application for internship.
  4. Student: Fill out the application package for industrial internship according to the above procedure and evaluation, including the following forms:
    • Internship Agreement Form (it is the responsibility of the student to secure all approvals and signatures)
    • Internship Plan (this form must be complete before any approvals can be granted)
  5. Once the industrial internship is approved, the following need to have a copy of the internship approval and agreement forms: student, internship coordinator or graduate coordinator, and school secretary.
  6. School secretary will initiate the registration of the industrial internship for the student and will provide copies to all parties listed in No. 5.
  7. Student: E-mail, fax, or mail Daily Journal of Activities to the internship coordinator regularly and maintain communication regarding the progress of the internship.
  8. Internship Coordinator: Assign grade in terms of CR/No CR for the industrial internship based on the performance of the student at the end of the semester. Grade performance will be based upon the following:
    • Supervisor's Final Evaluation
    • Daily Journal of Activities