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Independent Study

Procedure for Independent Study

The approval of independent study shall be completed before 10th day of the semester.

  1. Student: Talk to the interested faculty and agree on an outline of tasks (procedure) on the independent study project. Specifically, you need to state what will be achieved as a result of the independent study.
  2. Student: Discuss with the faculty on ways to document and evaluate the above procedure.
  3. Graduate Coordinator: Discuss the faculty assignment with the chair of the School of Technology.
  4. Student: Fill out the Application for Independent Study form according to the above procedure and evaluation, once the faculty assignment is approved. The forms are available with the graduate coordinator.
  5. Once the independent study is approved, the following need to have a copy: student, graduate coordinator, school secretary.
  6. School secretary will initiate the registration of the independent study for the student.
  7. Student and supervising faculty: Work together to accomplish what are proposed in the form.
  8. Supervising faculty: Assign grade in terms of CR/No CR for the independent study based on the performance of the student at the end of the semester.