Featured students

Featured Students


Patrick LyonsPatrick Lyons

 Even though Patrick Lyons had already applied to the EIU School of Technology graduate studies,  he knew he wanted to join the Master of Science in Sustainable Energy graduate program “the  minute he heard rumors about the program developing.”  His desire for success empowered him to  be one of the first students to go through the dual degree program for a Master of Science in  Sustainable Energy and a Master of Science in Technology. To read more about Patrick, click here.

phani Hari Krishna Phani Krishna Hari

 Imagine traveling across the world to attend school in a country you’ve never visited. That’s what  Phani Krishna Hari did when he came to Eastern Illinois University’s (EIU) School of Technology  graduate program. Currently, Phani is working on his Certification of Comprehensive Knowledge (CCK)  which is the final step in completing his Master of Science degree in Computer Technology and graduating in December 2013. To read more about Phani, click here.

Aimee Romack Aimee Romack

 For the past two years, Aimee Romack has played a dual role at EIU. In addition to being the Office  Manager for the EIU International Students and Scholars department, Aimee is a graduate student  in the School of Technology. In August 2013, Aimee graduated with a Master of Science in  Technology degree focused on Training and Development/Human Resources. To read more about   Aimee, click here.

celeste blodgett  Celeste Blodgett 

 Celeste Blodgett is a graduate assistant and student in the EIU School of Technology studying  Training and Development. Celeste attended EIU undergraduate classes at Parkland College and  graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational and Professional Development (OPD) in December of 2012. In January 2013, she began her EIU graduate studies at Parkland College. To   read more, click here 

Matt Devall  Matt Duvall 

 Matt Devall is a graduate student in Technology studying Film and Digital Media Production. Also, he is a graduate assistant in the EIU Center for Academic Technology Support (CATS). Matt is currently working on an independent study project with the Douglas-Hart Nature Center to reclaim the land so that it appears as it would naturally, and how this issue relates to sustainable development. To read more, click here

Wei WangWei Wang 

 Wei Wang is a graduate student in Technology currently working with Dr. Peter Ping Liu and Dr.  Jerry Cloward to compare the energy conversion efficiency from burning different biomass.  According to Wei, higher conversion efficiency fuels could be identified through comparison, thus  providing more alternatives for renewable energy resources and gradually replacing the burning of  fossil fuels. To read more, click here.