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Master of Science in Technology

Area of Study:  Career and Technical Education

The graduate program in technology prepares students for becoming successful leaders in today’s technological and global environment. This area of study in Career and Technical Education is designed for those individuals who like to commit excellence in learning and education in the areas of Business Education, Family and Consumer Science Education, or Technology Education.


Required Core (12 Hours For All MS Students)

TEC 5001 — Seminar in Technology (for all new students starting Fall 2014)

TEC 5103 — Science and Technology of Leadership

TEC 5133 — Total Quality Systems

TEC 5143 — Research in Technology

TEC 5173 — Global Technology

Electives (20 Hours, Partial List Only)

EDF 5500 — Curriculum Development

EDF 5510 — Social Foundations of Education

EDF 5520 — Understanding the Individual

OPD 4800 — Strategies and Processes

OPD 4810 — Principles of Career Development

OPD 4830 — Occupational Perspectives

OPD 4840 — Training Program Development

OPD 4880 — Productive Work Teams

OPD 4890 -- Accelerated Training and Learning

CTE 4913 — Organization & Administration of Cooperative Occupational Education

CTE 4923 — Coordination Techniques for Cooperative Occupational Education

TEC 5090 — Accelerated Training and Learning

TEC 5223 — Instructional Technology

TEC 5723 — Issues and Trends in Technology

Graduate assistantships are available for qualified degree candidates. The graduate assistantships give students opportunities to supervise technology laboratories and assist faculty with research process. It also provides tuition waivers and monthly stipends.