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 Chicagoland Cohort Graduate Degree Program

 The School of Technology offers a cohort program which provides working professionals with a roadmap to attaining a Master of Science in Technology degree from EIU in just five semesters.

This cohort program is a technology management focused program that uses a hybrid course structure consisting of both classroom and online instruction. Classes meet on weekends while online instruction spans the entire course. Throughout each semester, students take two courses, thus completing six credit hours per semester.  cohort photo

One feature of the cohort program is that it is teamwork oriented and you will have the same classmates throughout the program.  Everyone in the cohort program takes the same course every semester and completes the degree at the same time.

Also, the cohort program uses the same curriculum design and quality standards as the EIU on-campus degree program. Courses are delivered by faculty with full graduate faculty qualifications from EIU. 

The Master of Science in Technology graduate program prepares students to become successful leaders in today’s technological and global environments. The program is designed to provide students with opportunities for developing advanced professional, technical, and personal competencies in the discipline. It enables students to identify, develop, and implement quality strategies and practices in contemporary organizations. Additionally, students enhance research and communication skills necessary for technological leadership. They also gain an appreciation of ethical and social implications of technology related to a global and technological society.

For more information about the EIU School of Technology Cohort Program, contact Dr. David Melton at