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Dr. Hongshan  He

Dr. Hongshan He

Assistant Professor

Office: Rm 3430 - Physical Science Building
Phone: 217-5816231
Email: hhe@eiu.edu
Website: http://www.ux1.eiu.edu/~hhe/

Before joining Eastern Illinois University, Dr. He was a Research Assistant Professor and graduate faculty at Center for Advanced Photovoltaics, South Dakota State University (2007-2013), a Staff Scientist at Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology, North Dakota State University (2004-2006), and Full Professor of Applied Chemistry, National Huaqiao University (2003-2006). Dr. He is an Associate Editor for RSC Advances, an Editorial Board Member of Advances in Chemistry and Pure and Applied Science, a reviewer of many scientific journals including J. Am. Chem. Soc., RSC Advance, Electrochimica Acta, and Crystal Growth & Design, and a lead organizer of Materials Research Society symposium RR (Spring, 2013) and symposium B (Spring, 2014), Symposium MD7 (2016).  

Frequently Taught Courses

CHM1310, General Chemistry I
CHM1040, The World of Chemistry
CHM 5007, Energy Chemistry


Ph.D. (1996), Inorganic Chemistry, Sun Yat-Sen University. Advisor: Prof. Liangnian Ji
M.Sc. (1993), Organometallic Chemistry,
Lanzhou University. Advisor: Prof. Qizhen Shi
B.Sc. (1990), Chemistry,
Lanzhou University


Dr. He has strong research interests in photoactive materials with broad applications in organic photovoltaics, optoelectronics, and other thin-film devices. He has extensive experiences in inorganic and organic synthesis, high performance computing, small molecule crystallography, photovoltaic device fabrication/characterization, and nanofabrications. His research is highly interdisciplinary. 

The current research projects include:
1. Broadband light-harvesting materials for efficient conversion of solar energy to electricity.
2. Near-infrared emitting lanthanide materials for high sensitivity bioassays, and
3. Photoactive transition metal complexes for photocatalytic carbon-carbon coupling.
For details, please visit Dr. He’s group website: http://www.ux1.eiu.edu/~hhe/

Selected Publications

  1. Si, L., He, H.*, and Zhu, K., 8-Hydroxylquinoline-conjugated porphyrins as broadband light absorbers for dye-sensitized solar cells, New J.     Chem.2014 , 38, 1565-1572
  2. Si, L., He, H.*, Porphyrin dyes on TiO2 surface with different orientations: a photophysical, photovoltaic and theoretical Investigation, J. Phys. Chem. A2014, 118, 3410-3418
  3.  Li, W., Si, L., Liu, Z., Zhao, Z.*, Cheng, Y-B, He, H.*, Zhu, K., and Moore, B. Fluorene functionalized porphyrins as broadband absorbers for TiO2 nanocrystalline solar cells, J. Mater. Chem. A2014, 2, 13667-13674 
  4. (4)  He, H.*, Near-infrared emitting lanthanide complexes of porphyrin and BODIPY dyes, Coord. Chem. Rev., 2014, 273-274, 87-99
  5. (5)  He, H.*,Gurung, A., Si, L, Simple and efficient: acrylic acid functionalized porphyrin for cost effective dye-sensitized solar cell, Chem. Comm.2012, 48, 619-7621 
  6. (6)  He, H.*; Gurung, A. and Si, Li. 8-Hydroxyquinoline as a strong alternative anchoring group for porphyrin-sensitized solar cells, Chem. Comm. 2012, 48, 5910-5912   

Selected Conference Presentations

  1. He, H. Hydroxylquinoline and fluorene functionalized porphyrins for dye-sensitzied solar cells, 225th Electrochemical Society meeting, Orlando, May 11-16, 2014 
  2. He. H., Broadband porphyrin dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells, 2014 MRS Spring Meeting, San Francisco, CA, April  21-14, 2014
  3. Si, L., Li, W., Zhao, Z., He, H. Novel porphyrin dyes with enhanced light absorption and binding strength for dye-sensitized solar cells, 246th American Chemical Society Fall meeting, Indianapolis, IN, September 9 -13,  2013
  4. He, H., Si, L., Novel green porphyrins as long wavelength sensitizers for near-infrared emission of ytterbium ion (III), 246th American Chemical Society Fall meeting, Indianapolis, IN, September 9 -13,  2013.

Hongshan He


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