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Dr. Chris  Laingen

Dr. Chris Laingen

Associate Professor, Geography

Office: 3065 - PHYS
Phone: 217-581-2999
Email: crlaingen@eiu.edu

My research interests are the American rural and agricultural landscape, specifically the changing agricultural land use of the Midwest and Plains.

Frequently Taught Courses

GEG 1120G - The Natural Environment
ESC 1400G - Weather and Climate
GEG 3000 - Geography of Illinois (online only)
GEG 3025 - Regional Geography of the U.S. and Canada
GEG 3310 - Introduction to Biogeography
GEG 3320 - Natural Resource Conservation
GEG 3330 - Agricultural Geography
GEG 3340 - Land Change Science


PhD, Geography - Kansas State University (2009)
MS, Geography - South Dakota State University (2003)
BS, Geography, minor in GIScience - South Dakota State University (2001)

Professional Organizations

Association of American Geographers
American Geographical Society
National Council for Geographic Education
Applied Geography Conferences
Midwestern History Working Group

Selected Publications

2015. Laingen, C.R. Measuring Cropland Change: A Cautionary Tale. Papers in Applied Geography, 1(1) 65-72.

2015. Auch, R.F., and C.R. Laingen. Having it Both Ways?: Land Use Change in a U.S. Midwestern Agricultural Ecoregion. The Professional Geographer 67(1): 84-97.

2014. Laingen, C.R. A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words: Changing Agricultural Landscapes of the Dakotas. FOCUS on Geography 57(1): 41-42.

2013. Auch, R.F., C.R. Laingen, M.A. Drummond, K.L. Sayler, R.R. Reker, M.A. Bouchard, and J.J. Danielson. Land Use and Land Cover Change in Three Corn Belt Ecoregions. FOCUS on Geography 56(4): 135-143.

2013. Laingen, C.R. A Geo-Temporal Analysis of the Conservation Reserve Program: Net vs. Gross Change, 1986 to 2013. Papers in Applied Geography 36: 37-46.

2013. Laingen, C.R., and L.M.B. Harrington. "Agricultural Geography." In Oxford Bibliographies in Geography. Edited by Barney Warf. New York: Oxford University Press.

2012. Laingen, C.R. Delineating the 2007 Corn Belt Region. Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences 35: 174-182.

2011. Laingen, C.R. A Picture is Worth 972 Words: The Old, Red Barn. FOCUS on Geography 54(3): 111-112.

2011. Laingen, C.R., and C.D. Craig. Adding Another Notch to America's Corn Belt. FOCUS on Geography 54(2): 60-69.

2011. Laingen, C.R. Historic and Contemporary Trends of the Conservation Reserve Program and Ring-Necked Pheasants in South Dakota. Great Plains Research 21: 95-103.

2008. Laingen, C.R. How Human and Natural Driving Forces Affect Pheasants and Pheasant Hunting in South Dakota. FOCUS on Geography 51(3): 23-31.

2008. Napton, D.E., and C.R. Laingen. The Expansion of Golf Courses in the United States. The Geographical Review 98(1): 24-41.

2005. Laingen, C.R., and S. Van Aartsen. Repairing Midwest Storm Sewers. Geospatial Solutions 15(8): 28.

2002. Laingen, C.R. Fossils on the Prairie: Abandoned Farmsteads in Southwestern Minnesota. The Geographical Bulletin 44(1): 10-20.

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