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The Master of Science in Sustainable Energy graduate degree program focuses on preparing leaders and managers for the entire energy industry. This multi-disciplinary degree is science based and technology management focused. 

Students are required to complete the followings courses, to be eligible for the degree:

Science Cluster

1. BIO 5333 Bioenergy and Bioresources (option for BIO and CHM   majors)


1. BIO 5203 Environmental and Biological Sustainability (option for non-BIO majors)

3 hours
2. CHM 5007 Energy Chemistry 3 hours
3. PHY 5233 Energy   and the Environment 3 hours
4. TEC 5533 Biomass Gasification 3 hours
Technology Management Cluster

5. TEC 5103 Science and Technology of Leadership


5. MBA 5680 Organizational Behavior and Group Dynamics

3 hours

6. TEC 5133 Total Quality Systems


6. MBA 5660 Operations Management

3 hours
7. MBA 5001 Business Operations in Sustainable Energy Facilities 3 hours
Policy and Economics

8. PLS 5843 Seminar in Public Policy

OR PLS 5163 Subnational Government (Spring 2013)


8. ECN 5411 Seminar in   Natural Resources and Environmental Economics

3 hours
Research   Methods
9. TEC 5143 Research in Technology 3 hours
10. CMN/ENG 5260 Communication   in Science and Technical Organizations 3 hours
Research   and Experience
11. CERE 5983 Sustainability Practicum 3 hours
12. CERE 5953 Sustainable Energy Research 3 hours
Total36 Hours


Certification of Comprehensive Knowledge:

  • All students need to successfully complete the requirements of CERE 5953 Sustainable Energy Research to be become eligible for graduation. (See more details on Research page.)
  • All students are required to successfully pass a written comprehensive examination prior to the completion of the graduate degree.


The following flexibilities may apply:

Students from a specific area may elect to take a more advanced course in the discipline in place of the above course(s). For example, a student with a bachelor degree in chemistry may elect to take a more advanced course from the department of chemistry to substitute the above "Energy Chemistry" course. Prior approval from the program director is required.


On the same level, students may elect to take either course. For example, a student may take "PLS 5843 Topical Seminar in Public Policy" or "ECN 5411 Seminar in Natural Resources and Environmental Economics," to meet the degree requirement.


TEC 5143 Research in Technology may be replaced by an equivalent research methods course from other participating departments/schools. Prior approval from the program director is required.


For more detailed information, please contact Dr. Peter Ping Liu, Director of Center for Clean Energy Research and Education (CENCERE), (217)581-6267, pliu@eiu.edu.