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Master of Science in Sustainable Energy

Energy is an indispensable part of our modern society. We depend on energy for almost everything, from home appliances, lighting, transportation, heating and cooling, communication, to industrial processes supplying food and other commodities. In order for the Earth to continuously support human life, we must achieve sustainability for the global, social, economic, and environmental systems that meet “the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”  The future depends on educating and preparing the next generation to lead this challenging mission. 

Program Vision

The Master of Science in Sustainable Energy graduate degree program focuses on preparing leaders and managers for the entire energy industry. This multi-disciplinary degree is science based and technology management focused.

Program Mission

The purpose of the Master of Science in Sustainable Energy degree program is to empower and enable students to develop advanced knowledge and skills in order to become leaders and managers in the energy sector. Specifically,

  • Students will have a solid understanding of the sciences and technology related to energy production, conversion, utilization and conservation.
  • Students will understand the economic, environmental and policy impact of a sustainable energy practice for a sustainable society.
  • Students will develop the research and communication abilities to be effective leaders in the energy industry.

Contributing Departments/Schools

An integrated approach across various disciplines is needed in order to tackle the energy issues systematically.

For more detailed information, please contact Dr. Peter Ping Liu, Director of Center for Clean Energy Research and Education (CENCERE), (217)581-7426, pliu@eiu.edu.