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Embrace Your Inner Panther!

Join Us This Summer at EIU!

Panthers are rare, strong, intelligent creatures with an independent streak a mile wide. Here at EIU, we value the unique strengths of each Panther -- or future Panther -- and offer both credit and non-credit opportunities for individuals to embrace what it is that makes them an EIU Panther.

From curious cubs to seasoned hunters, there is an array of options for those who want to get the most out of their summer months:

  • Do you prowl off-campus in Chicago or Champaign?
  • Or are you looking to explore the vast terrain of the world through a study abroad program?
  • Perhaps you’re a free spirit who prefers to roam alone through one of our online courses.
  • Not sure what kind of Panther you are yet? Come explore your wild side during either our day camps or residential camps. There are opportunities for the artists, the athletes, the musicians and more here in Panther Nation this summer.

So don’t spend your whole summer lying in the shade ... harness your inner Panther and discover all EIU has to offer!

Summer 2016 Calendar

Summer 4 Summer 6 Summer 8
May 16 -
June 11
June 13 -
July 23
June 13 -
August 6

Eastern offers a streamlined summer calendar with two main sessions: Summer 4 and Summer 6. A limited number of courses and programs are offered in a third session, Summer 8. Choose from daytime, evening, weekend and online offerings to get the schedule that’s right for you.

Visit the university's academic calendar to view the complete academic calendar for Summer 2016. A PDF version of the academic calendar is available here.

Summer 2016 Registration and Course Schedule

Once the dates have been finalized, you'll be able to see here when you can begin registering for Summer 2016 course.


Summer Core Courses

Courses that will be regularly scheduled during summer sessions will be referred to as the "Summer Core." These courses will be offered in various summer timeframes. For example, some courses will be offered every summer, every other summer, or every third summer. Summer course schedules and offerings are updated annually. What course would you like to take in Summer 2016? Visit the “Summer Core” to decide.

For a complete listing of all summer courses, click here.

Summer Classes in Chicago

If you're in Chicago for the summer and still want to complete some EIU coursework, you're in luck! We're offering summer classes at three Chicago locations; click each location to learn more: