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News for the Student Insurance Plan for the 2015-16 Year!!

This year, Student Insurance will be covering most Service Fees (see Schedule of Benefits below) at the Health Service and reduce the copays at the Health Service Pharmacy!

The deductible is still only $50 per injury or illness!

Changes to the coverage also include:

  • An annual maximum benefit of $20,000, elimination of the lifetime maximum
  • Mental health and counseling are now included in the $20,000 annual maximum, an increase from the $5,000 lifetime limit
  • Inpatient physician benefits are now 50% rather than $100 on first day and $50 on each additional day of confinement. 
  • ADD & ADHD are covered
  • Transgender/gender identity counseling
  • CT's and MRI's are now covered at 50%, eliminating prior maximums

Other coverage includes hospital expense, office visits, surgery, mental health, substance abuse, ambulance transport, maternity, lab and X-ray.

Schedule of Benefits* 
Hospital Outpatient/Inpatient 80%
Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse 80%
Physician Outpatient 80%
Lab and X-Ray 80%
CT and MRI 50%
Anesthesia 80%
Surgery 80% Usual and Customary
Physician Inpatient 50%
Maternity 80%
Ambulance 80% up to $300
Dental $100 per injured tooth

Health Service Schedule of Benefits* 


Tier I - Neb Treatment, Ear Wash, Dressing/Debridement/Burns, Wound Care, Destruction of Lesions, Foreign Body Removal - Cost $15.00

Tier II - Repairs, Nails, Incision and Drainage, Injection/Aspiration of Joint, Excision of Lesion - Cost $45.00

In-house Lab 100%
X-Ray/ECG 100%


Hepatitis B (Limit 1), MMR (Limit 1), Tdap/Td (Limit 1), Hepatitis A (Limit 1), Meningitis, Gardasil (Limit 1), Typhoid

Supplies 100%
TB Testing 100%

Health Service Pharmacy Benefit

Tier I -(Cost $15, Plan pays (savings)$10. Student pays $5, Without Student Insurance coverage, student would pay $15)

Tier II - (Cost $25, Plan pays (savings) $15, Student pays $10. Without Student Insurance coverage, student would pay $25)

Tier III - (Cost $50, Plan pays (savings) $30, Student pays $20. Without Student Insurance coverage, student would pay $50)













 All of this for the low cost of $109.95 per semester!

Student Insurance still provides worldwide coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without a network.

Student Insurance is now available to purchase if you are enrolled in online or off-campus classes. You can also purchase Student Insurance if you are enrolled in less than 9 on-campus hours.


Don't get stuck with the bill! Student Insurance can save you time, money, and headaches.

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