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Student Veterans of Eastern

The Student Veterans on the EIU campus have a long history dating back to 1960's. Back then the group was called the Eastern Veterans Association (EVA) and was the largest student organization on campus. In 2008 the EVA was reflagged here on campus as the Student Veterans of Eastern. The SVE has made their mark as a role model for other groups on campus and continues to accomplish amazing things. The Crest you see here was adopted in 2011, the gilded panther inviting the Veteran to campus, and the gilded panther seeing the veteran graduate leaving EIU; a single star in a field of blue to represent the individual state in which you come from, and the red and white strips to represent the sacrifice and comment made to the nation. Nunquam Unus translated meaning Never Alone, our commitment to one another that you will never be alone and you and your families will always have someone to count on while here.