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The strategic plan outlined in the following pages is a collaborative work, a snapshot of our collective wisdom. This plan is a rededication to our mission, a reaffirmation of who we are, and a reflection on our accomplishments. This plan embodies the deep passion and appreciation that students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends have for Eastern Illinois University, and it expresses our joint expectation of excellence in all we do. more

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About this Executive Summary

The resulting strategic plan was presented to the Board of Trustees in their January 2012 meeting for a first reading and is outlined on the following pages of this executive summary. For each of the six strategic themes, the plan includes a guiding vision for the theme, three supporting goals, recommended actions for achieving those goals, and estimates of any onetime or continuing financial requirements. A five-year timeframe is envisioned for implementation of this strategic plan, and the President’s Council has the primary responsibility for the implementation.