Assege HaileMariam, Ken Baker and I invite the campus community to participate in the 2011 strategic planning process. We hope to have stimulating, productive discussions that will prepare us to educate the next generation of students and help us build a sustainable future for EIU. William Weber

Vision Conference Attendees

Ms. Ashley Aardsma
Dr. Robert Augustine
Mr. Ken Baker
Dr. Roger Beck
Ms. Barbara Burke
Ms. Angie Campbell
Dr. Mona Davenport
Dr. John Dively
Dr. Michael Dobbs
Mr. Kelly Downs
Dr. Karen Drage
Dr. Craig Eckert
Ms. Amy Edwards
Dr. Terri Fredrick
Mr. Tim Gover
Ms. Angela Griffin
Dr. Assege HaileMariam
Mr. Rance Higgins
Mr. Mark Hudson
Ms. Tina Jenkins
Mr. Paul Johnston
Mr. Tim Kelly
Ms. Cay Kolling
Mr. Scott Lensink
Dr. Blair Lord
Mr. Robert Martin
Mr. Mike Maurer
Ms. Leslie McDaniel
Dr. Andrew McNitt
Dr. Christopher Mitchell
Dr. Michael Mulvaney
Dr. Dan Nadler
Dr. Tony Oliver
Mr. Timothy Ols
Ms. Jayne Ozier
Dr. William L. Perry
Ms. Kathy Reed
Mr. Ryan Siegel
Mr. Scott Smith
Dr. Grant Sterling
Mr. Jody Stone
Ms. Anita Thomas
Ms. Jocelyn Tipton
Dr. Dawn VanGunten
Mr. Todd Vilardo
Mr. Carl Walworth
Dr. Robert Webb
Dr. Heather Webb
Dr. William Weber
Mr. Leo Welch
Ms. Janet Werden
Dr. Kraig Wheeler
Ms. Cindy White
Dr. John Willems