Assege HaileMariam, Ken Baker and I invite the campus community to participate in the 2011 strategic planning process. We hope to have stimulating, productive discussions that will prepare us to educate the next generation of students and help us build a sustainable future for EIU. William Weber

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Creating a Shared Knowledge Base | Stakeholders Perspective | Creating a Shared Future

Stakeholders Perspective

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Attendees were categorized by stakeholder; and they were asked to discuss and “generally agree” on 4-5 themes or ideas regarding the future of Eastern Illinois University. They focused on the following questions, “What, from your unique perspective, would you like to share with the others at the conference about the future of Eastern Illinois University? What is important for us to know, to consider, to remember, and to think about as we plan for the future of Eastern Illinois University?” Results are presented alphabetically by stakeholders:

    • New population, demographics – are we ready?
    • Important recruitment/retention of faculty/staff
    • Preparing our staff for leadership
    • Professional Development (training for new leadership)
    • Working as a team (involvement from everyone)
    • Identity crisis
    • Collaborative – evolution vs. resistance – change process

    • There are successful EIU grads everywhere
      • Consider our resources are not just money
        • Information
        • Connections
    • The people make EIU special
    • The path we choose must be focused on our student and their futures

    • Responsibility to citizens of state of Illinois
    • Appointment of President
    • Fiscal integrity
    • Quality of educational program
    • Responsible that University develops model for evaluating outcomes of total university experience
      • Dependency on adjunct faculty – raises quality issues

    • We value EIU
    • Our success depends on your success
    • EIU affects all aspects of community including non-traditional ways
    • Partner with us to improve the community
    • Employability skills are important
    • Address changing needs of business – workforce development

    • Work together
      • Community
      • Partnerships “Quality”
      • Avoid duplication

    • Consolidated campus wide technology that facilitates learning and instruction
    • More diverse student body racially, culturally, and geographically creates more noise (energy) on campus, more activity while wearing EIU blue
    • Be a premiere regional liberal arts and sciences and business university
    • Gradual rebuilding of financial stability having survived funding challenges without disruption
    • Accreditation in all areas including a Phi Beta Kappa chapter
    • Maintaining top quality leadership
    • Academic quality
      • Should be the focus
      • Should be considered when making decisions
    • Faculty accomplishments are many and should be shared
    • Change in faculty structure should be carefully considered
    • Student quality issues
      • Quality vs. quantity
      • Who are we recruiting
      • Retention vs. rigor
    • Preserve and improve the quality of the institution
    • Address online education and recognize not all classes/disciplines translate to an online format
    • Faculty value personal interaction with students
    • Not all resources are financial
    • All student learning doesn’t take place in the classroom
      • Alumni

    • Emphasize safety and security
    • External relations
      • It’s good now … but could be better
    • Cooperative efforts/share resources

    • Is EIU affordable?
    • Job placement upon graduation
    • Security/safety
    • Community assimilation
      • Student service
      • Student worker
    • Availability of classes (time to degree)
    • Are there enough activities for students

  9. STAFF
    • Retaining and recruiting qualified staff
    • No easy solutions, tough decisions
    • Employee morale – doing more with less has its limits
    • Find our focus – can’t be everything to everybody
    • No student – no reason to live

    • Do we try hard enough
      • Marketing/communication
      • School pride
      • Get message out
    • Change constantly
      • Adapt
      • Utilize what we have – remove negative focus
      • Greater number of non-traditional students
    • Be competitive
    • Be bold


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