Assege HaileMariam, Ken Baker and I invite the campus community to participate in the 2011 strategic planning process. We hope to have stimulating, productive discussions that will prepare us to educate the next generation of students and help us build a sustainable future for EIU. William Weber

 Why It's Important

At Eastern Illinois University, we are here for our students: to support their learning, to encourage and challenge them to expand their horizons, and to provide them with an educational environment in which they can dream, build and achieve. We aspire to be the best in the nation at integrating the personal and academic development of our students. We take pride in being part of higher education, one of the world's most enduring institutions. We want Eastern Illinois University to prosper and remain a place of educational opportunity where we encourage and expect exemplary outcomes.

Children presently attending third grade will become EIU students in 2020. Today's pre-schoolers will become EIU students in 2025. Eastern, and higher education as a whole, must plan, innovate and adapt to meet the needs of these future students.

Many factors will impact our ability to achieve our mission: increasing global competition for students; the development and implementation of new information and instructional technologies; active partnerships with government, industry, alumni and friends; our ability to support and preserve our values of excellence, personal relationships, opportunity and service. Strategic planning helps us proactively navigate the uncertainties, understand the complexities and develop the institutional capacity we need to serve our future students.

The purpose of strategic planning is not to simply write a plan. Its purpose is to identify necessary actions for Eastern to have a sustainable academic and financial future.

News and Updates

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