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Welcome to the M.S. in Special Education at EIU!

Dr. Kathlene Shank

Dr. Edmund Wehrle

Office: 1212 - Buzzard Hall
Phone: 217-581-5315
Fax: 217-581-7004
Email: ksshank@eiu.edu
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Dr. Kathlene Shank, professor of special education and department chair, currently serves as the coordinator for the graduate program in special education. The graduate program offers a Master of Science in Education degree in special education.

Dr. Shank is very involved in activities and issues relating to special education and teacher standards at the state and national level. She was the recipient of the Illinois Alliance of Administrators of Education’s leadership award in 2005. She received her doctorate from the University of Illinois in 1976.

Admission to the graduate program in special education requires an application to the Graduate School as well as an additional application to the Department of Special Education. Please contact Dr. Shank or visit the program's website for program admission criteria.