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Glossary of Terms for Social Science Teaching Majors

APT - Assessment of Teaching Proficiency Test administered by the ILTS. Most teacher candidates take this test during the student teaching semester, and you must pass it to get your teaching license.

Buzzard building on campus where CEPS is housed

CAEP - Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Preparation

CAT - Content Area Test (113-GEG; 114-HIS; 117-PLS; 118-PSY; 121-SOC-ANT) administered by the ILTS. You must pass the content test in your area of specialization prior to student teaching.

CEPS - College of Education & Professional Studies

Common Core Common Core - standards adopted by Illinois and many other states; technically the standards are for English/Language Arts and Math, but the ELA standards include a section for History and Social Studies Literacy in grades 6-12

CT - Cooperating Teacher—the school teacher with whom the teacher candidate is placed for observation, practicum, or student teaching experiences

D2L - Desire2Learn, Eastern’s online course management system

Goldenrod Sheetused by most instructors as a form of documentation of observations and practicum experiences and submitted to CEPS; available for download under the Forms section of the Student Teaching website

ILPTS - Illinois Professional Teaching Standards

ILTS - Illinois Licensure Testing System (formerly ICTS, Illinois Certification Testing System)

ISBE - Illinois State Board of Education

LiveText - Online portfolio site used by CEPS and in many education courses and SOS 3400; you must buy your license in the campus bookstore 

major GPA - your GPA in all social science courses (ECN, GEG, HIS, PLS, PSY, SOC, & SOS)

MIVCANCSS -  criteria that lessons be meaningful, integrative, value-based, challenging, and active

NCATE - former reviewing body for teacher education programs throughout the nation; now CAEP, Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Preparation

NCSS - National Council for the Social Studies

TAP - Test of Academic Proficiency administered by the ILTS; test of basic skills that you must pass for admission to teacher education programs at EIU

Teacher Candidate - an EIU student who is enrolled in a teacher preparation program

TPA - Teacher Performance Assessment—a new online portfolio assessment system that student teachers will be required to complete and pass beginning in fall 2015