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Academic Requirements

To see the Academic Catalog listing for the Social Science Teaching Major, click here.

To see the Academic Catalog listing for the History Major with Social Science Teaching Licensure, click here.

For advising checksheets for all programs and concentrations, see the advising page under the Student Resources tab.

Please note
: The History with Teacher Licensure option is within the History major. Students with this major take the same interdisciplinary coursework as other Social Science designations, and are also licensed to teach all of the social sciences at the secondary education courses. All other concentrations are part of the interdisciplinary Social Science Teaching program, and the degrees conferred are Social Science Studies--Teaching; Social Science Teaching--Political Science; Social Science Studies--Teaching; and Social Science Teaching--Sociology-Anthropology.

To see all information relating to Teacher Education at EIU, click here.

For students using the 2008 and later catalogs, satisfactory completion of the Social Science Teaching major requires:

  • a grade of C or higher in each course that applies to the 78-84 semester hours of courses required, regardless of where taken;
  • a major grade- point average of at least 3.0 and cumulative grade -point average of at least 2.75 in all courses attempted at EIU;
  • at least 45 semester hours of those required for the social science major must be in courses taken at EIU.