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EIU stands out because it offers multiple paths to social science teaching licensure. If history is your primary interest, a History with Teacher Licensure major allows you to study history in-depth while becoming licensed to teach high school history and other social science courses. If you prefer to study Geography, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology-Anthropology, pursue a Social Science Teaching major: you concentrate in any of these social sciences disciplines while training to teach all of them (as well as history) in the high school classroom. Whichever path you choose, you will specialize in your major area and be part of that home department. In addition, you will be part of the broader Social Science Teaching program and will join with all participants in SOS 2400, SOS 3400, and a variety of other social science and education courses. All students are prepared to teach any of the high school social science subjects and will be licensed to teach ALL social science subjects in Illinois public high schools. To get a sense of each individual concentration, browse the Academic Advising section and other resources under the Advising tab.